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that helps the player makes you look into the future she'll take things that are striking. recession or don't dig on tv. the buffet we live this program is brought you why. norway's mainstream crews were his lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report local characters and access to wilkinson
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the sea. what i read lots of bird of ukraine's eastern city of swan boats were seven european observers are still being held by anti government activists. officials are saying they are quite often in this room were missing one matrix of obedience on the bright spot. rescue efforts continue for the missing passengers from the south koreas which capsized after two weeks ago three years always does that tell them to buy to pakistan where osama bin laden's guilt my last trips. it is much for joining us but this news update on curtis j gunfire in glasgow and often emergency sirens sounding around slow that's good eastern city in ukraine at dawn on friday the self appointed mayor's laments the sad self defense
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forces had shot down two helicopters and taken when i was a hostage he said no ukrainian troops could be seen in the city. ukrainian as interior minister says one part that has been killed with several others injured other details could not be independently confirmed the witness reported that a helicopter flew over the city after the paratroopers landed in a fight broke out. seven european observers from the organization for security and cooperation in europe remain held by progress to activists. for more on the tensions in eastern ukraine let's go to war correspondent in parkinson has been troubling the country's eastern region ok thanks for joining us can you tell us more about the situation on the ground where you are and what's been going on out there. i can't being at cotton picking thing. i would check on that
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and i'm like that he played on the fifth of april. now i didn't have one. i'm not going to take a look at the pitching mound. to me the clown. mcmahon. want to add to my attention that became neglected them. it was cold. the country. and we often chat. me and why. i think. on the icon
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the morning. he bought them in between. economic had an operation. the key. we think the cooking and playing with it the game. when the inning definitely seeing more tension on the cape argus and thank you for that report to also in ukraine anti government activists are getting little or no resistance as they seize control of scores of state buildings across the eastern part of the country tuesday's cape argus and has more on that your porch for us from port lincoln
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eighteen nineteen to independent relation to the seething buildings across eastern ukraine to frame or licensed by the central government to re establish its own farsi. ukraine's acting president needs someone to touch an olive has finally conceded force has long been obvious to people hang the government's police and security officials could not control. lula to do a very difficult for them or who he says that because the majority of people do not obey him. they follow workers from the connect people's republic of cuba just a transitional period where all week for some legal basis in order for it to be off. i just can't afford is honey kind of run down mining town but it's not hard to find people who accept and support the pro independence militia but he is known is the pro youth career move for peter there are some failures but if we lose our freedom wheel
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sunday so we'll drink. as for a week to build to nothing yet just east of the all stars. that's what we have been going to stay open into the struggle from time to throw line which road will bring the land. it's interesting. everyone is happy to see this handful i stayed to an untimely death in the same thing is to tell policy. the software you can come so that was mentioned last month the morning little. president admits to see a significant chunk of the country conflict in the government's cross. it seems ukrainians long simmering conflict is entering a new and somewhat dangerous cities. i just need a nice cool town from going under the control of the currency temperament and
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michelle. it's likely they will continue to strengthen their grip on the east of the country. the pro independence movement. this is what i did occur in soho to reprimand them. osteen people but that they accept the declaration of sovereignty. the going gets people's content. parkinson cctv footage used in ukraine russian president lavender coach and demanding she of authorities withdraw its troops from the southeastern part of ukraine. he also called for a broad national dialogue about reforms to ukraine's constitution. i put him in the comments in a telephone conversation with german chancellor of the merkel. meanwhile the russian foreign ministry urged ukraine got to use armed forces in the southeastern region saying that it would lead to a catastrophe. the statement came after kiev decided to retake administration buildings occupied by activists on friday using its armed forces. the ministry urged ukraine not to make criminal mistakes but using forces against ukraine's
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people. for more on the reactions from russia we're now joined by correspondence. i know are done you must go on sunday can you tell this one is the response from the russian government. the latest gunfire slow dance. i have been no response yet from the russian government on this latest incident in the house. what else but said the russian government has set in the past repeatedly that using the event that you keep the ukrainian government decides to use force against its own people we would be a crime and as we know from what delete as we know is that the interim defense minister often crave ice in the bark of confirmed that a helicopter was shot he said want least one person was killed and another one was injured there were reports of a second helicopter which was forced to land and i on the second pilot who was reportedly taken. i didn't cuss taken hostage by the pro russian separatist a bus in the nl reports that the holidays the pilot and was injured and is beating
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and she gets out by the magnetite the young doctors seem to fly thousand sq so that's it. that is the latest from here. terri leo western countries imposing a second round of sanctions on russia. the can you tell us more about how they reacted to the sanctions russian president minus two who spoke earlier this week in town and reacted to the sanctions imposed by the nicene faith in the land he said that no new sanctions would be completely counter productive and also said that if bobby as he said that he cannot understand the reason for those new sanctions and he did not see any grounds for it and said that each new sanctions will be imposed and bustle will be considered cool is that the participating with taking part in working in it and its effects in mind that many of the western firms operating here may be kicked out of the market and earlier us media reported that sad several of the of large and german companies including on including chemical giant bows
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and engineering group siemens will fly again and several others and deutsche bank. i have made their opposition to broader sanctions against russia and reportedly asked the german chancellor merkel not to impose more sanctions on russia and that is encoded by the russian business community in many here think that's it. the number that more sanctions against russia would be counter productive and that both sides need to sit down and continue talking about what has been happening in ukraine and continue the conversation about economic opportune time to think that every porch reporting live for us to moscow we appreciate it nowhere to go to the latest on the missing malaysia flight and a stray seventy which vanished with them two hundred and thirty nine people aboard seven weeks ago the disc offers the malaysian acting transport minister in the joint agency coronation center chief has been held in kuala lumpur on the search for the missing flight. it follows the release of preliminary reports on the plane's disappearance the minister also say that he's confident the search is on the right track while
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the joint agency coronation synergy said that the search will take anywhere from eight to a year eight months to a year. they also said that they will hold a trilateral meeting with china on monday where they will talk about search efforts at the backstage. i was reviewing a number. and then you yet how i died on the next room. discussion with china. in which case you'd call that. forge forward. with regard to the department of the fifth and dismembered the family and he acts. technical advice. they come from all over the world. we'll be around. no doubt. you can bet that the dishes. all the world. what a cucumber for today's meeting. there's something there to alert
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the people do. i'm quietly confident that we are the right track. what extent does that it is that's very important meeting the whole lives a quiet day. ensure that the search continues with urgency and that doesn't stop at his touch we've been discussing the outcome of the child didn't call people search cool stuff. as one minister right at the mansion. lots of mumbai he said. i'd probably be something you like months by the next twelve months we have bad weather or about other issues. but with slightly. as production was lovely. mind you i'm actually seven. on top of the affected
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section. we went to sleep on it. the sport or anchor james telling pigging out he's been closely following this news conference was going to listen to where authorities think the clues are leading search efforts the two hour flight and to keep the northern part of the southern part of the tension caused by the prime minister. many weeks ago the boys had and basement in a sad day today was able to find out. to eliminate the molten core and one that is killing me. on the southern gaul to see all questions as to when to toss it into my face will not have a piece of wood in the tank is used in the coming out. it dictates that a unified position to state that the ppp on the right track to believe that ethos month has been a wasted effort and to force a warmth that might get into areas like the dipping pool or any of the new ansett and tying up some dead tree impulsive. i could in fact distract them from the day
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off of the smith center which is evidence we took the kids may think that the dog tags of local cities. this time yesterday signaled a nice relaxing flight was twenty two thousand the indian nations but will save twenty two feet like the wind destinations within that same area that state and of course these days he seemed to get even one human to toss even afford to buy such is the truth and twenty one just add one outlines sections done. it's a full backs the motif like that to try and get to all that has grounded its good to be a great difficulties that that was in the same as we talking about said she and dad which is the only keep the deceased hope the tooth didn't acknowledge it tasted quite thousand needed to keep the ducts in the context that flight times the height of the world's oldest buildings in the bush doctrine has been making these. chung also cited will this resources for the underwater search related to fly to make st seventy
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the chinese navy ship will last with a deep sea sweeping capability has departed for the northern indian ocean and as of now china has already sent a total of the team that naval vessels thirteen planes and also deployed twenty one satellites in the search operation. bishops have called more than one point four million square kilometers just gives you an idea of how big the area is also search and rescue efforts continue for the missing passengers from the south korean ferry which capsize over two weeks ago the death toll is now risen to one or twenty six. another seventy six missing government officials saying it is copper into specialty was set up to prevent victims bodies from drifting away from the site. authorities say the first phase of the search and rescue operation is expected to be concluded by the two teams over one hundred show strollers and praise of the deployed at the search teams scoured the fourth and fifth stories of the sunken ship. more than one hundred
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divers are conducting search operations. well about two hundred rescue ships and thirty seven airplanes had been deployed to help search for possible bodies. search and rescue operations have been hampered by rapid currents and floating objects the rescue headquarters say that they will start searching the un opened captains in areas will be the victims are supposed to have been staying. there's also some cell phone video that was taken by a seventeen year old boy. but reveals a heartbreaking look at the final moments of some of the three hundred and twenty five high school students on board the south korean passenger ferry. this video also fuelling fresh outrage over the seals ferry sinking as questions continue over why so many perished in the disaster and all the ships crew members survived. yun ting has more i disputed regions glued it back to april and sixteen. it
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is reported at eight fifty two he can't distinguish his candidacy. it sometimes. you do the students soon cuddling with dad. one thing that's going on. it happened quickly builds as the nba's to become the eye. don't they. they include asking written six books and what they seem to then olivia on the famous deacon says the move away from the places and great sport and cause accidents some students said they felt dizzy and sick so it can to joke around. the not for the contending that gravity of the situation
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the allotment. with every student has been to munich he says. in it the eye speaking to me. this didn't start to think about what they can do with it and it's the eye i love the new he was going on seventeen year old student. this gives the details. heartbreaking be due to the police can picture this to be. so great and the next instant it is assumed that the government's response cctv friday marks the third anniversary of the death of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden three years ago us president barack
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obama called the death of the lot includes the most significant achievement to defeat al qaeda bin laden is no longer in the picture but the activists of the al qaeda remain and peace. still listen for pakistan. for more cores on a daniel conn joins us live from his love of iodine jungle book and is shown to be jealous of. it's been three years since obama presents osama bin laden was killed in a us attack in pakistan. what is the security situation today in pakistan. and what has changed. oh what a cut as it seems that the new ag government or the varsity press not being able to contain the deteriorating security situation off our pockets on the net though the initiative are holding talks with the odd part about not tobacco in addition to having taken but it does not seem to be working on today's match with the usb ports are flashing headlights that the us has claimed that caucus the nice part is being new is dead too hard to
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jackson that the neighboring province on the undead this cause the port whether the pressure on that the duty elected government of pakistan has lost over fifty thousand lights including portion out of the armed forces in this war and instead terror and it just in the last two weeks there has been to a number of attacks on the security officials as well as on the civilian population so despite that as the stringent security measures attacks are arrested and taken place. yes and apparently we know that did the activities of al qaeda had spilled out to me the other conflict areas and north africa as well with syria. can you tell us how all have the operations of al qaeda lived its infamous former figurehead. yes according to the student focused on the desktop with some of it not been that did not affect the other tie the book to this since his assassination attack that has continued to go to appear regularly in manual says to his own to live and it
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recently on a card that has been connected to bomb attacks in the top matches in yemen and attacks and kidnappings in neighboring pakistan and observers here say that god has declined in size but does not in its influence and if it's a bit of a ship that can influence like minded groups from that regard to the middle east as well as a shock has also increased and analysts say that this roster that peter dos around nine eleven when it was much more consistent and structured with the court leadership but also for your next update about what about dead despite the sub was dead the group is continuing to operate and teddy out that these terror attacks of amnesty and parkson say that it has the death of osama bin laden has that been the baby affected had the support of a patient gets the right to stay the course wanted to kill time think about reports of reporting for us out of his love of god the killing of osama bin laden three years ago marked the historic moment of the world's anti efforts. it's also change the lives of some of the people who lived in
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the town of ahmedabad in pakistan where the raid that killed into place. we revisited the child and we talk to some of the residents xin ling child has the story roz of mingus got a promotion. astro some of them at newstead. keys to the journalist in the bottom that which was a peaceful town with no major news events. q we are in about ten thousand pakistani rupees or about a hundred us dollars per month after the man was killed by american troops things started to change the better. some international or domestic tournaments for me. he was on the look on well understand what happened. mac is diesel for her number to hurt you as well as between dish. brazile provided guidance to international journals. he also worked as a freelance reporter for me other news agencies because of the experience he got a job as a journalist at a major tv station in the country's
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capital islamabad. the whole family moved to the capital he now makes about six times the salary you start. but others have not been that lucky. pakistani physician should kill off pretty up the c i a run a fake vaccine program in the bud. to confirm o'sullivan madness presence by obtaining dna samples. afridi was addressed to the truck on border crossings while trying to flee the country days after the raid. he was sentenced to thirty three years imprisonment for treason and is now serving his time in jail. many local policemen were degraded or removed from their posts without a neat one nation after the man's death. many have speculated that it is because they fail to notice the man's presence in the talent for so many years. tisha cctv. or putting china is having the largest number of blind people
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globally accounting for eighteen percent the world's wine. but as beloved one girl in china's northern tianjin city overcomes that disability by becoming a ballet dancer. she tells our reporter with the shell about dancing in darkness. what is my queens land with age. one can't really believe that this will suffer is found in paint. i got. twenty two year old john lee is now into his injury including conservatory of music. when class this would not paint her as her vision is intended and zero point zero three. a correct definition of less than zero point zero five is defined as the line despite the well of health organization. soon i should go the distance i can feed and i just e artificial chart played three times bigger. i can recognize that person only one sweet thing
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one lead at all the condition. we'll look at past the retreat on clean sheets issue we cannot see but she is clear about the train to be at the right answer. she began to len barrie and seven against us and now it's a no show with hopes and expectations. she says if there is this he claims it's never ending. she has to proceed to movement with the help of teacher and the manner it went by the bill but also financially the of the internet that the teacher would tell as to spare at swamp likes what's coming. i can see the point at all. i can only remember how to stand. i should ease and innocents tell them that the tuc on john cleese minute
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surprises here on tv shows each time before going on to teach us to weaken as it stands. and though she cannot see her audience she says this mixture concentrate. eye while lee. how are we focusing more on myself and the performance. i am glad that i would say shh. look at too much context what do you cope with conical unknown reason. zhao is a claim for a master of fine arts in the united states she says she wants to go as far as possible. i don't need to practice the hours compared to her classmates in this exercise room just as the dancing is her big off despite had to dance in the dark she hopes that she
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can't swallow in one minute that passed for a brighter light and future. was not the gt changing it's pretty amazing also inspirational but no matter your disability she's still going for drinks and that'll do it. this news update here in beijing. thank you so much for joining us i'm pretty stable. see you again without him . the total
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opie was to market. from nigeria. kristen bids come in for democracy. come to put them all. krista was formed in my stomach to warn us it is often depicted the sheep in my cube. i do i assume you mean it to science. a musical we met our ice for students in the seat to force forms the country where i come from. we may be in this piece in last week's tasks assignments. so when i was was called to be cooked all of sudden this. on to win the race was also fun. i am not winning so that the wound due to what the gears misuse and abuse of our house we get to those for a bit of a long
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time. the portico nice well kept going and it is going to put them in the two groups of heights i'm drinking tea for me. the week my life the costliest made a lot some don't. in terms of investment. how would this award it to see what it called. it is time for me to the eyes that all of them. so i went to looking towards the cops. i would do it once more in ensuring that we didn't get to know what it means to be good to have the chills you for what you want. that is still sees this playlist this week which counts more people talking i'll always be the eyes. i bought peace peace peace peace that no one is talking about justice. so what will it go down my sides. you just want the secret war. and though we had to do was come to the shows on the front one on one time about how we get
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tickets with light to the store will be given its official opening was within my cute little outfit. and given one . fans. says the good news it's all a show. this week's episode sit and meditate or dishes at an all time middle of the pasha the government reported that it is this that and got to keep it in confidence

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